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Celsius (°C)

Celsius is the most common temperature scale, which is used in almost every country

Fahrenheit (°F)

Fahrenheit is the only other prominent temperature scale globally; it is mainly used in the United States but some smaller countries use it (many of which use it alongside Celsius)

Kelvin (K)

Kelvin is a temperature that starts at absolute zero and increases one unit for every degree Celsius; it is used by scientists around the world

Rankine (°R)

Rankine starts at absolute zero like Kelvin but 1 °R is equal to 1 °F; this temperature scale is mostly used by NASA

Réaumur (°Ré)

This temperature scale is mostly used by cheese producers in Italy and Switzerland as well as candy-makers in the Netherlands - it is just Celsius multiplied by ⅘

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recognized verb ✅



My name is Harris S. Mowbray and I live in Washington DC where I earned my Bachelor's degree in International Relations from American University in 2022. Since graduating, I have been working with various ethnolinguistic communities around the world, using technology to help revitalize endangered languages. In my free time, I collaborate with organizations for the visually-impaired around the globe in order to help develop braille for every language which lacks it.


Thanks to the efforts of kind volunteers, you can now read about me and my work on Wikipedia in eight languages (so far)!

English - Harris Mowbray

Kinyarwanda - Harris Mowbray

Kurdî | Kurdish - Harris Mobray

Македонски | Macedonian - Харрис Моубреј

ქართული | Georgian - ჰარის მოუბრეი

Syloti | ꠍꠤꠟꠐꠤ - ꠢꠦꠞꠤꠌ ꠝꠛꠦ

کوردی | Central Kurdish - ھاریس مۆبرای

فارسی | Farsi - هاریس موبری